Building Tomorrow: Studio Dumbar and Moniker explore how tech will influence our creative futures

New World: Creating for Tomorrow is a programme of free, hands-on virtual sessions hosted by Today at Apple and It’s Nice That from 1 – 29 March. Building on our New World partnership in 2021, we’ll be hosting a series of Virtual Studio sessions with artists and designers who use creativity to present their ideals for the future.
It’s hard to imagine a time when the only way of connecting with someone was through face-to-face conversation. No texts, e-mails or DM-ing; just simple, old-fashioned communication. These days, people across the world have infinite tools at their fingertips, meaning that connectivity and creativity have never been easier, faster or more powerful. We’re living through a consistent digital revolution.
Creative developments often go hand in hand with this revolution in technology. In the mid-1980s, for instance, Andy Warhol became a pioneer for producing a series of artworks on an Amiga 1000, a computer made by Commodore International. Revolutionary for both its technical skill and innovation, these computer-based drawings were testament to Warhol’s ability to embrace and engage with new technologies. Four decades later and the landscape has altered drastically. The digital world is now full of possibility and creatives are eager to continue pushing the limits of their mediums. From virtual clubbing and NFTs to 3D depictions of nature and fashion collections built entirely using a computer, creatives have more freedom to explore their ideas, but also to create new digital-first, global communities – all with the tap of a trackpad.
This quest for community is a topic we’ll be discussing in a panel session concluding our New World: Creating for Tomorrow series with Today at Apple. From AR to motion design and variable typography, we’ll explore the ways that creatives have been combining their crafts with technology to construct a better tomorrow.

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