Portrait of Humanity winners 2022 released, revealing stories from around the globe as it opened up

The full selection of winning images is available to view at the 1854 online gallery.
Across the works, themes of family, community, isolation and the upkeep of tradition in a changing landscape reflect many of the seismic shifts to have taken place over the past year. The 200 shortlisted images will be announced in mid-April and featured in a book, published by Hoxton Mini Press. Mick Moore, CEO of 1854 and British Journal of Photography, states: “The prize-winning photographs, which have been selected from photographers of all abilities, display a striking mix of the contemporary and the timeless. Face masks, the realities of climate change and Personal Protective Equipment are all present while elsewhere, portraits depicting universal themes such as birth, tradition, farewells and death are made manifest.”
Among the other 30 winning entries is a portrait taken by Karsten Thormaehlen of Lujira, an activist with SAGE, the advocacy and services organisation supporting LGBTQIA+ elders in the US. The photographer explains that in the 1960s she worked at the YMCA, “which was a haven for gay men and a safe zone for her, an openly gay Black woman, living in New York City”. Another entry from London-based Fred Borghesi explores the first time the photographer was able to see his grandmother in Italy following the pandemic. Similarly, Chiara Luxardo captured the tradition of beekeeping through the photographer’s great auntie’s dedication to raising honeybees.

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