From climate change to creating a more inclusive society, Elisava’s new postgraduate courses aim to stir change

This is something that Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, is working to address through its series of programmes and postgraduate courses. Focusing on engineering and design, Elisava is an institution with 60 years’ worth of experience under its belt, where more than 20,000 students from all over the globe have studied. Its inspiring roster of degrees, programmes and courses are aimed at professionals who want to redefine their career path and discover new ways of thinking – the “curious and non-conformist people”, writes Elisava on its website, “who are willing to use design to change society”.
All of which are housed under a new set of postgraduate courses named Masters Beyond. Featuring various disciplines, the courses offer postgraduate students the chance to widen their knowledge and make impactful change through their work – all in all, taking action and facing the challenges of today. The programmes are wide-spanning and each address the issues currently prevailing across the globe, including courses that give designers the tools needed to create a greener, more sustainable, inclusive and better future. This includes the Master Beyond Product(s): a course that reevaluates raw materials, processes and technologies conceived in response to the social, economic and environmental hurdles of today. By looking at these key elements, those enlisted on the programme will reflect on the ways in which we use products, what products we use, how we use them and why.
The world is currently facing a few challenges to say the least, from the climate emergency, the pandemic to the war in Ukraine. Never before has design innovation and community been more vital, especially when it comes to creating a more equal, diverse and inclusive society.

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