The Balancing Act: What the past two years can teach us about creative, work and life balance

For this series to reflect the way our readers are feeling currently, The Balancing Act has been informed by a survey shared with our audience earlier this year. Thanks to the hundreds of respondents who shared their insight, we’ve developed five key areas to touch upon which piqued interest the most. Beyond sharing the key takeaways of the survey on a variety of subjects, we’ve invited a host of creatives to share their thoughts on the matter, either by penning personal essays, or taking part in round-table discussions.
In fact, when it comes to the working world and specifically the creative industry, perhaps now is a time to take stock. This is exactly what we’ll be exploring this week in a new Extra Nice-supported editorial series, The Balancing Act. Keen to view these changes from a variety of angles, we’ll be touching on the ways the pandemic has significantly adjusted the structure of work, how we’ll be collaborating together in future, who we want to work for, as well as evaluate how creative work can bring us fulfilment.
It won’t be news to anyone reading this article that the events of the past two years have dramatically altered our day-to-day lives. Since those first murmurings of Covid-19’s spread in the early months of 2020, change – whether we wanted it or not, whether it was positive or not – has seeped into various aspects of how our time is spent. And while parts of the world are gradually returning to a sense of normalcy, this doesn’t necessarily mean the life-altering circumstances we’ve lived through should be parked to one side.

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