Mind the WAP says the Vagina Museum’s reopening campaign

The campaign has been masterminded by the same creatives – Nathalie Gordon, Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellström, part of TheOr London – that worked on the museum’s Open Soon campaign. This raised money during the height of the pandemic to support the organisation – which began life in 2017 as a series of pop-up events, before finding a home at Camden Market where it hosted several vagina-themed exhibitions.
And if you’re particularly attached to any of the posters, the museum plans to sell them online from March 19, when it reopens, with all proceeds supporting its work. Designer Mirjami Qin has created an impressive 16 posters, including ‘Mind the WAP’, which cheekily appropriates the iconic London Underground roundel. Others reference east London businesses such as The Camel pub – which neatly segues into camel toe – and music venue the Pickle Factory.
Some posters make the most of the ‘shock’ factor, setting the word ‘vagina’ in huge, bubblegum pink type, while others poke fun at some of the euphemistic names vaginas and vulvas have been given over the years. The Vagina Museum in London has been closed for the last six months, but it’s back with a bang thanks to its new poster campaign – designed to celebrate the museum’s relocation from Camden to Bethnal Green.
theorlondon.com “Half the world has a vulva, a vagina and a clitoris – it should be normal to use these words in our everyday vernacular and be comfortable seeing them mentioned on billboards,” says Gordon. “If anyone finds the campaign sensationalist, inappropriate or weird – it says more about them than it does the work or the museum.”

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