Homie — Branding

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For this rebranding, tbpmx created a concept that revolves around the perfect match between landowners and tenants. The new brand focuses on a playful yet straightforward approach, showcasing a warm color palette alongside a mischievous typography curatorship and inspiring, relatable illustrations that forge a connection between the brand and the users. 
Tener un hogar nunca fue tan fácil.

Overall, the creation of an affable yet digital graphic system makes finding a new home as easy and flawless as swiping and matching on a dating app. Homie’s progressive vision is portrayed through their new brand creating a unique statement within the industry. 

The branding people shared a branding and visual identity project for Homie, a Mexican online platform that helps millennials land their ideal home by offering users a simplified and intuitive experience. The platform supports the user’s journey from the search through to the signing, omitting the typical bureaucracy of renting or buying a new home. 

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