10 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips For Creative Freelancers

This in no way means you can’t switch gears at some point, or have several portfolios that target different niches. However, start with one.
Guest blogging is a perfect way for a new freelance writer to promote their business while accessing a wider audience.
It sounds cliché, but I have a favourite café I write in and a stationary store down the street.
Contact old employers.
You’d be surprised at how much exposure you can get just by asking for it.
Don’t forget to add your logo, and contact info, including social media links and newsletter.

Add these to your online portfolio, or write them as reviews on your blog or social media spaces.
It may not lead to ad space, but you could secure an interview, which gives you more exposure!
When you’re first starting out, this might seem a little premature.
If you’re not confident in your video skills, connect with other creators.

What will I learn? show

1 – Have a Plan

Client Communication Plan

Local papers, and even radio and TV news love the story of independent business owners. Especially by creatives!
This one’s obvious for most freelancers: Start a blog.
“Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship.” – Karndee Leopairote, Thammasat University
Even if the bulk of your work is done online, don’t be afraid to contact your local media to tell them about your business.
Do some research to find the space that fits your needs best.
These days, every successful business needs a social media strategy.
Before diving into your work, make a plan.

2 – Get A Great Logo and Tagline

Custom Logo Design Services From A Logos Designer

An online portfolio is also a great idea.

However, it’s also good if you’re a graphic designer, or just interested in creative development.
Mention referrals and contacts you may have in common, interests you may share.
It also cuts down on your research and allows you more space to be creative within the parameters.
Think of a tagline like a more practical slogan: It should tell your clients what you’re about, what you do, and the level of quality they can expect from you.
That said, you should try to integrate the significant three: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Venturing out on your own to become a freelancer is a nerve-wracking endeavour.

3 – Specialise

Types Of Designers

Both of them have referred me to clients in the past!
For creatives and freelancers, your social media should become even more important.
Specialising gives you a variety of benefits that allow you to be an expert in your field and earn more money.
Chances are, no matter what your creative industry, you’ve got something to say.
The more well-known or recognisable you are in specific spaces, the more success you’ll have early on.
Think about what you want to be working on, where you want to take your business, and apply it to your marketing strategy.
It’s a fact that freelance creatives, whether digital design, artists, or writing, need to specialise.
In a world of social media and online businesses, it’s not as expensive as it used to be to build a cost-effective marketing plan.
It’s a lot easier than you think it is to get a good referral list — Check-In with family and friends.
Just follow these 10 steps to cost-effective marketing, consistently en regularly, and you’ll create a lead generating machine:
Specialising can also lead to marketing opportunities.
Tailor your marketing plan to the clients you want, and the work you want to be doing on your timeline.

4 – Get Familiar With Social Media

Personal Branding On Social Media

Think about where you want to be in two years. Five. What about ten years from now?

Guest blogging is a great cost-effective marketing way to get your name around and expose your work to plenty of new readers.
Remember to offer plenty of signup opportunities, and try not to cross-post too much.
You may already have roads and connections within specific industries.
An important point about social media: Different platforms have different goals, and require different strategies.
Offer incentives for subscribers by tracking the analytics in your portfolio and social media spaces.

Social media strategy would take an entire article on its own, but there are simple tricks that are universal.
You want a clear, simple logo, that can be reprinted on business cards and the web. Then, use it everywhere!
As a freelancer, you’re probably used to plenty of out-of-the-box thinking.
If you’re a visual artist, not a writer, this is a good time to connect with some fellow creatives, to trade ideas and favours.
I’ve put feelers out with the baristas who know me, and the woman who sets aside my favourite notebooks for me.
Keep your logo simple. The logo design should be easily printable, and able to be resized in a variety of formats and sizes so that you can use it on your website, portfolio, and email headers.

You’re selling yourself, after all. Keep it friendly, positive, and professional.

5 – Contact Local Media

Local Media Branding

You never know what can happen just by approaching someone.
If possible, reverse engineer your goals towards the daily actions you need to take, starting today.
Think about what your goals are, and which social media platforms work best for you.
Marketing is one of the biggest gambles when you’re starting your business.
You can access entirely new audiences, which means more clients and more work.

6 – Build A Portfolio

Create A Design Portfolio On Instagram

As a freelance writer, the best way to grow your readership is to get familiar with someone else’s!
It takes funds when they’re at their tightest, and you never know what’s going to work, especially when you’re inexperienced.

Promote yourself, but don’t overdo it.
However, marketing doesn’t have to cost you your last dime.
The idea is to make you a recognisable brand, from day one!
What topics, ideas, and styles can you see working for years?
Don’t forget to add links everywhere you can to your social media. Later, you may even want a newsletter.
Create an About page that offers a look into your education, background, and interests.
However, trust me, investing some time and money towards this will save you tons in the future.

7 – Ask For Referrals

Testimonials Statistic

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone and competing with a herd of other creatives, you can brand yourself as THE go-to expert for a select group.
By tailoring your social media, you can reach a wider audience!
Get in touch with the people you know who’ve been doing this a while.
However, research shows that video and image-heavy articles get a lot more engagement.

8 – Be professional

Graphic Designer Tips

Make some cold calls to your local paper, or check in with the radio station.
Short, fast, vlog-style videos, like tutorials, and image-driven pieces on your social media or portfolio can help you gain a broader readership.
Remember, it’s not all about you. Support your fellow freelancers. Talk about what’s important to you.
However, you do need much planning in place, especially when it comes to budgeting for your marketing plan.
Writing or design as a cost-effective marketing strategy makes sense as a freelancer: It’s what you do, and you want to show it off.
Creatives have some unique skills that can help you in business, with your marketing strategy and beyond.
If you’re starting your own business, you know the importance of having a plan in place.

9 – Guest Blogging: Cost-Effective Marketing

Even when you’re contacting friends, you need to prove your legitimacy.
Finally, be clear about what you’re offering and keep it short!

If you’re a trade writer, get to know your local unions, and offer to work on a contract with them.
Finally, check around businesses or places you frequent.
Remember when you pitch, to focus on what you can offer the writer of the blog.
Remember, you want your cost-effective marketing plan to grow as you do, so keep moving forward, and branching out.
Keep your bios brief, but fill out your profile completely.
To discover what your specialisation is, think about your interests and education.
It’s also an excellent opportunity for your clients and readers to get to know you.
Best of all, it’s easier and faster to amass professional resources and contacts you can use at every stage of building your business.
Don’t be dishonest, but don’t focus on the newness of your business.

10 – Branch Out!

Hire The Best Freelancers

Make some calls or send some emails promoting your business to close friends in similar industries (or with connections to your speciality, as mentioned above.)
10 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips For Creative Freelancers
It can be nerve-wracking to ask for referrals, but it’s essential to growing your business.
These steps can help you grow your business with cost-effective marketing, without risking failure, and expand, when you’re ready, into bigger, bolder, and better!
One that grows as your business grows, so it doesn’t hurt your bottom line.
You’re on your own, and it’s your job to secure clients, boost your business, and sell yourself as a serious professional.
Giving clients and readers regular information they can count on from a reliable source is an excellent resource for you to show off your best work.
Craft an About Me video, to create something that sticks in a client’s mind.
Social media is a great way to get personal with prospective clients and build your readership.
The last thing you want to do is get bogged down with details while you’re in a growth spurt.
It shows you can be concise in your writing, you’re versatile, and you can provide valuable information.
Carry business cards wherever you go with your contact info and tagline.

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