Month: March 2022

McKinsey Cloud — Branding and Visual Identity

Deep Yellow was commissioned by McKinsey & Company for launching a new branding and visual identity for their “Cloud” division. Deep Yellow chose a 3D approach together with the elements of shape shifting to create

What Is Logo Recognition? 5 Best Logo Recognition Tools

Some people can use your logo to create bootleg products by using your company’s logo. Bootleg products are the copy of the physical appearance of your product.  They use this software to know where and

The Nine Types of Logos Most Commonly Used

One of the major types of logos is lettermarks or monogram logos. These logos are defined by only using letters. Normally they will come in twos, threes, or fours and be the initials for the

Learn how to add meaning to your work, courtesy of March’s Nicer Tuesdays

Fa & Fon on creative kinship and journeying from stills to motion, “the natural progression most designers take” To begin, we welcomed creative duo Fa & Fon Watkins to the stage. The twins work across

Why pet food is having a design moment

We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. In the past two years alone, 3.2m UK homes found themselves adopting a pandemic pet, and that spike has shown no signs of abating, with Moonpig recently reporting

Where to Find the Best Graphic Design Jobs

Creative Hotlist is an excellent job board dedicated to mainly designing jobs where users can upload resumes and apply for various positions. It helps creative professionals gain exposure and connect jobs and opportunities with companies based

Four Main Groups that Different Styles of Fonts Fall Into

Square sans serif fonts have more of a square shape than grotesque fonts. Neo Sans and Cachet are good examples of this. 1. Serif Use Your Own Font in Your Logo Name Of all the

Understanding What is a Logo and Why it is Important

Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with colors is how well they work together. Some colors pair better together than others. Making sure that your primary and secondary colors go well together could

33 Letters for Ukraine expresses solidarity through language and design

Aside from the obvious need for direct solidarity in such troubling times, the group also has in mind the growing need for Polish and Ukrainian citizens to learn new languages. In Poland alone there are