Month: February 2022

Sleepwa[l]king Concept for 2022 by YummyColors

YummyColours presented this open-ended concept to 72 international creators, from architects and chefs, to scientists and technologists, activists and photographers. To develop the Concept of the Year, YummyColours annually reflects on the coming year by


Pablo Rochat and Aurélia Durand: Tickets are now available for February’s Nicer Tuesdays Online

For our next online Nicer Tuesdays (we’re hoping to return to London’s Oval Space in March) we have in store two talks from two brilliant creatives: French illustrator Aurélia Durand and American director and artist

Platia, a Typeface with Victorian Roots, Soft Details, and Modern Refinement

Courtesy Toshi Omagari. “The design process was fairly straightforward for the capitals, but slightly less so for the lowercase; those stroke thicknesses were generally too contrasted and looked out of place. I wanted to make

Brent Cross gets bendy new signage courtesy of Fieldwork Facility

Creative Inspiration The studio has created bright yellow wayfinding that guides people from the tube station to the Brent Cross Town development Howie says the wayfinding project is designed to echo the net zero pledges

LOTECH — Branding and Visual Identity

VINCENT PUPPET shared a branding and visual identity project for LOTECH, a semiconductor trading company focusing on automation chip technology products, which analyzes and extracts key visual elements and integrates them into LOTECH brand. For