Huddly L1 Packaging Design

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Through meticulous detailing, Goods have made raw cardboard feel premium. They use clever details like the lid doubling as padding for the camera, bespoke inner compartments to perfectly house components, and grouping pack elements to create a layered unboxing experience. And kind of like a matryoshka doll — it all fits perfectly together.

Studio photography by Mathias Fossum, motion graphics by Federico Leggio.

Inspired by the L1 cameras product design and Huddly’s logo, the packaging’s visual communication uses bold and simple graphics as abstract interpretations of the products inside of the boxes. The box system is modular and designed to fit perfectly on a standard pallet. All packaging components come flat-packed and made from raw cardboard. The design process focused heavily on reducing shipped air to the ultimate minimum, and ensuring the pack is easily recyclable worldwide.
Sister studios Goods and Heydays have designed a custom packaging system for Huddly’s new L1 Camera, an AI collaboration camera for large meeting rooms.

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