Using minimal palettes and compositions, Didier Viodé’s artworks evoke a sense of calm

Self Portrait 1, meanwhile, represents a moment of realisation for the artist. Crafted in 2021, the piece depicts a subject from the back; the person is painted in front of a stark white backdrop wearing a black top. It could quite literally be anyone, and that’s exactly the point. “It is simple, refined and painted with two colours,” he notes. “This painting, despite being figurative, is at the limit of abstraction.”
What we love the most about Didier’s painting style is the simplicity. Minimal earthy palettes are paired with thick, chunky brush strokes to illustrate his figures, who are often caught in a moment – jumping, standing proud looking away, or gazing directly into the eye of the viewer. Take, for example, The Athlete, a piece made in 2021 following Burkina Faso winning the first medal at the Tokyo Olympics, which captures the athlete mid-stride. “There is a beginning to everything,” says Didier. “It was important for me to pay a tribute through my painting, referencing the bravery and gesture of the athlete. His achievement goes down in history thanks to his determination.”
Having learnt more about his process and concepts, it’s clear how Didier strives for a certain sense of ambiguity throughout his works. He prefers his audience to make their own interpretations. “I love painting the anonymous, the invisible and people from diversity,” he concludes. “My concept is not to have any. I make contemporary art – the art of today – in my own way.”

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