Dance Policy is a photography archive and zine instigating “a gentler revolution in music journalism”

Zak is also keen to impress that, without the help of fellow creatives, Dance Policy would never have become what it is today. Having no formal training in Photoshop or InDesign, Zak has relied on his sister, “a graphic design wizard”, to help him with design elements and formatting the zine. Artistic director of Dance Policy Jamie Brogan – who developed the zines whole branding – is someone Zak also feels forever indebted to. “He has amazing ability to capture the feeling of clubs and dancing through his drawings and what we call the main character of Dance Policy, ‘The Dancing Fool’, this weird androgynous, morphic character.” But, despite having worked with Jamie for two years now, the pair only met for the first time three months ago – “funny that”, Zak exclaims, “about two to three of the connections I’ve made through Dance Policy I’ve never actually met!”.
Dance Policy’s name originated from Zak’s understanding that “we police so much in dance music about what’s cool”. Ruminating on questions like “why cant a club also put on events in the daytime?” and “why can’t clubs be part of the local community?” Zak wants to use Dance Policy to show how important nightlife culture is and how much better it can be. “I mean, there’s only so many luxury flats you can build before you’ve completely destroyed any sense of purpose we may have outside of work.”

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