Wojciech Wos depicts intimate scenes from his bedroom in watery blue hues

Talking of the colour blue, the artist says: “It’s a very emotional colour. Pretty sad.” But he also connects it with the volatile surface of water, which he loved painting during his uni days. Apart from blue there are a few other elements that have come to characterise Wojciech’s style. The little black bird which often appears reminds Wojciech of home. “Birds are very important to me,” he says. “Even though I moved quite a lot in the past, birds weirdly always follow me.” So in his intimate bedroom scenes, we often see Wojciech attended by one of these “little companions”. The presence of white socks is another recurring feature – “such an everyday item but still very sexual, so I like playing with the symbolism.”
“Imagine a Polish queer artist and his nude self-portraits being exhibited on the wall of a bank in very conservative Northern Ireland. I am sure all the conservatives were delighted to see all those pieces on the daily.” Wojciech Wos paints a humorous image as he tells It’s Nice That about exhibiting in his first ever group show. His paintings are contemplative, often soaked in melancholic hues of blue and suffused with a sense of nostalgia. Treating his art as a kind of “diary”, Wojciech uses it as a way of recording his most intimate experiences, “as I don’t know how to talk about stuff I go through sometimes.”

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