11 Best Donation Plugin For Accepting Charity Funds

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Donorbox is a robust and secure donation and fundraising WordPress plugin that offers a quick feature-filled solution that helps every individual to raise funds. 
Following are some of the features of the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin:

Formidable Form is the easiest and simple, powerful form builder for the WordPress platform consisting of the options that help you build a nonprofit donation form. 
Seamless Donation has a few add-ons, like Thank You Enhanced, which lets you set up custom thank-you pages, and Giving Level Manager, which lets you set up custom donation levels that can be linked to.
Suppose you want to set up a safe and secure WordPress donation plugin on your site via PayPal as an identical payment method. In that case, this WordPress PayPal donation plugin seems to be the best possible option. 

1 – Donation for WooCommerce

Donation For Woocommerce Donation Plugins

The plugin enables you to add multiple track levels of donations and helps you adjust the minimum and maximum levels for payment methods. 
It consists of graphs that make it easier to visualise your website’s donation stats. The WordPress-enabled donation plugin lets you export form data from outside of WordPress and imports the donation information from the relevant 3rd party services. 
WP Crowdfunding is a WordPress fundraising plugin that helps users create and manage fundraising or backend sites with relative ease. 
It works with PayPal to make donations via their PayPal account on credit cards. Also, users can accept one-time donations or recurring donation payments, enabling users to select which campaign they want their funds to be allocated. 


The following are some of the features of the plugin above:

  • Accept the donation on your site.
  • Specify a fixed amount or multiple layers of contribution or let customers decide.
  • Adjust the minimum and maximum limits.
  • Highlight the option anywhere on your site.
  • Highlights a progress bar to communicate the collected amount in a simple order.
  • Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce.

2 – WooCommerce Donation Plugin

Crowdfunding websites can easily use the Stripe connect payment solution to facilitate the streamlined funds’ distribution for the project owner, and the admin can easily configure it. 
By installing the plugin on your WordPress site, the user can easily add donation functionality to your website in a matter of minutes. Likewise, there are a wide variety of options that help you manage how you can receive donations. 
There isn’t any requirement for the backend accessibility as the WP Crowdfunding functions on the frontend screen. Also, they can easily add and update the projects intuitively and easily.


Are you searching for the best donation plugin so that you can leverage funds for your WordPress site? 

  • Assists you in incorporating a donation form into your cart page.
  • Relates donation options to particular products.
  • Customises the appearance of the donation button, and the text gets displayed.
  • Highlights the fixed amounts that customers can choose.
  • Highlights the total donations and a donation summary consisting of widgets.

3 – GiveWP 

Givewp Donation Plugin WordPress

Hence, this article will discuss some of the best WordPress plugins for accepting charities and funds via sage and secure payment methods, i.e., Stripe, Square, PayPal, or other credit card processing models, and vice versa. 
It includes the native wallet system that makes it easy to track the collected funds for a fundraising event. It consists of a native wallet system that makes it easy to follow the managed funds for a fundraising event. 


It enables you to quickly receive information on how to manage and set up your PayPal account, along with the option to customise the PayPal donation page. 

  • Provides simple and effective options for the acceptance of donations.
  • Provides templates to help you create donation forms.
  • Compatible with an enormous amount of WordPress themes.
  • Offer multiple payment options.
  • Provides detailed reporting and simple donor management aspects.

4 – Charitable 

Following are some of the features of the WP Crowdfunding plugin:
Hence, the discussion above highlights the donation plugins’ overall concept and features based on your desired needs and preferences. 
However, the base plugin is available for free of cost; you do have to upgrade to their plus plan to unlock their payment gateways such as Stripe, Authorize.net, as well as newsletter sign-up forms. 
Some of the features of Seamless Donations are as follows:


The event owner can quickly request the admin to withdraw funds after the collected amount has reached a certain threshold level. 

  • Comprehensive & full-fledged donation plugin.
  • Adjust goals for campaigns and make them time-sensitive.
  • Customises the donation form templates.
  • Easily integrates PayPal and relevant offline payment options.
  • Customised email notification and simpler management of donors.

5 – Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations WordPress Plugin

Following are some of the features of the plugin as mentioned earlier:
The nonprofit website usually relies on the ‘PayPal donation button’ for donation aspects. Although their functionality is regarded as a basic version, it seems pretty limited. 
WooCommerce Donation Plugin enables you to develop a donation product or show an option to add a donation to the cart page. 


The plugin has minimal configuration options, and the donation option will be available in the shopping cart. It also provides detailed reports on your donation campaigns. 

  • Provides the simple option to accept donations on the WordPress platform.
  • Easily handles instant recurring payments via Stripe or PayPal.
  • Automatic and Instant Notifications.
  • Flexible and easy to set up.

6 – Donorbox – Recurring Donation Form

The user doesn’t need to know the methodology for calculating the withdrawable funds from website commissions. The plugin can do it for you after generating the statistics and vice versa. 
Some of the features of the WP Full Stripe plugin are as followers:
WP Full Stripe is a full-fledged WordPress plugin powered by the top-notch Stripe payments gateway to help you create a subscription or donation form on your site. 


Charitable is a full-fledged WordPress donation plugin that enables you to develop unlimited fundraising campaigns and set goals for your noble cause. 

  • Provides the option to brand the donation page with the colour schematics, logo designs, and styling options.
  • Ability to add several custom input fields into the donation form as per the user’s requirements.
  • Compatible with multiple payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, and vice versa.
  • Provides the option of recurring donation functionality. 

7 – WP Crowdfunding

Wp Crowdfunding Donation Plugin

You can easily use it to embed payment forms on your social media posts or site pages and draw payments directly to your site. In this case, your users don’t have to leave your site to opt for third-party services.
Whether you want to simplify the PayPal donation button or you’re seeking a more advanced fundraising solution that can assist you in executing full-fledged campaigns and managing donors, you can find some excellent WordPress plugins to assist you in getting ahead. 
11 Best Donation Plugin For Accepting Charity Funds 
GiveWP is the preferred choice to handle donations in a WordPress store. It offers an intuitive range of options to develop multi-layered donation forms with the assistance of templates. 
It consists of tons of templates that formidable forms offer to easily incorporate a built-in donation form on your WordPress website.
It allows you the opportunity to specify a substantial amount for donation or enables customers to choose from their desired list. 
The user can set a minimal amount against each specified price for the product; it seems pretty helpful in creating donation campaigns. Still, users can easily use it for a donation for handmade gifts and vice versa. 


Likewise, you will be able to place the option on the particular product, cart, or checkout page or use a specific amount of widgets.

  • Specific user registration feature.
  • Frontend project submission form.
  • Project initiation and end date options.
  • Set up a featured image and video.
  • Supports overriding options for the developers.
  • Standardised the WordPress dashboard access for WP Crowdfunding.
  • Provides analytical reports via technical tools.
  • Supports social share extensions
  • Connects the stripe payment method
  • Provides WooCommerce and other configurations.
  • Adding and controlling the payment methods.
  • Free rewards and assumed delivery date.
  • Supports Native Wallet System.
  • Supports Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Offers 1-year plugin updates and support

8 – Formidable Forms

Following are some of the features of the plugin as mentioned above:
By using this plugin, you can restrict a fixed amount of donations or enable the customers to specify a significant amount of their belongings. 
The following are some of the essential features of Donation for WooCommerce:
Also, the user can easily add fundraising goals, donation suggestions, and significant amounts quickly and efficiently. Specifically, the plugin has various reporting features and seamless donor management options. 
WordPress PayPal Donation provides a simple and intuitive UI/UX with in-depth technical documentation on setting up your plugin for execution purposes. 


Notably, while using the WP Crowdfunding plugin, you don’t need to worry about the cash management system. It provides seamless payment methods that include PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, and vice versa. It also enables you to raise funds, distribute and manage the cash quickly and intuitively.

  • Supports formidable views
  • Specifies the file upload forms
  • Supports conditional logic
  • Supports cascading dropdown menus
  • Provides form scheduling
  • Selectable repeater fields
  • Supports calculator forms
  • Provides custom post submission
  • Supports multi-page forms with progress bar
  • Adapts Surveys and Polls

9 – WP Full Stripe

Wp Full Stripe Plugin

Hence, if you’re looking for recurring donations, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, donor fee relief, and relevant features, you should consider the premium plan. 
Some of the features of the donorbox plugin are as follows:


So, you can easily choose a plugin that will help you take your business to manage how you want to receive donations instantly.

  • Builds payment forms to take payments via Stripe payment method.
  • Integrates payment forms on any site page or post with a simple shortcode.
  • Enables users to choose between the fixed price and donation style payment forms.
  • Highlights the list or receives payment information with the WordPress platform.
  • Chooses multiple ways to send email receipts on successful payments using Stripe.
  • Chooses various ways to redirect to site pages or posts that follow successful payment.
  • Customises the forms with an additional column field, billing address, and email address.
  • Supports Ajax style forms with no page redirects to draw payments.
  • Develops multiple versions of payment forms that meet your business needs.
  • Develops subscription plans that execute or terminate after a certain number of charges.
  • Manages subscribers list and subscription plans within the WordPress platform.

10 – PayPal Donation

Collecting online donations is an effective and intuitive way to leverage nonprofits, charities, relief funds, and special causes. 
Seamless Donation is a free and open-source donation plugin for the WordPress platform. It gives you complete control over collecting and managing donations within the WordPress dashboard. 
Because it is compatible with WPML, you can easily translate your WordPress donation to any available language. You can easily configure the item name, donation amount, currency, and more via Formidable Forms.


WooCommerce Name Your Price plugins is a seamless extension for the WooCommerce donation plugin. As a charity-based plugin for WordPress, it enables users to choose how much they wish to donate for the products they want to purchase. 

  • Supports up to 18 languages and 25 currencies for international donation campaigns 
  • Provides options to change the images for a specific button. 
  • Includes options to allow donors to sign up for recurring monthly PayPal donations.
  • Ability to highlight how PayPal donates button functions. 
  • Adds a dropdown menu for users to choose the specific amount they want to donate.

11 – WooCommerce Name Your Price

Following are some of the features of the PayPal donation plugin:
It comes equipped with all the relevant features and options that allow you to set up a donation form on your WordPress website. 


You can select a fixed total amount, add a custom account, or vice versa. You can embed the donation form on your pages, posts, sidebars, and modal popups. 

  • Gather information on the prices that customers are willing to pay.
  • Enables users to develop product combinations and offers them to donors.
  • Creates printable gift certificates via PDF product vouchers.
  • Simple and more accessible configuration options.

Final Verdict

Donation for WooCommerce is a seamless WooCommerce plugin that helps you collect donations in your store quickly and efficiently. You can even build recurring donation campaigns via this WooCommerce plugin. 

Following are some of the features of the formidable forms:

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