“There really is a frame for every face”: Camille Boumans on her inclusive TikTok-inspired campaign for Ace & Tate

This particular cinematography trick is an ode to the short and snappy videos found on Instagram and TikTok, as well as the GIFs and loops you see on other social media platforms. As such, the campaign is able to tap into the Gen Z and Gen Y audiences and bring the generations together. “We believe that there really is a frame for every face,” continues Camille. In order to represent the diversity of the cast and brand, the team wanted to show different generations in the film. “But mixing these generations did not have any influence on the music, grading or other elements. The ideas we had beforehand regarding this worked out very nicely – and maybe even brought the generations closer to each other.”
While figuring out how to showcase this visually, Camille and the team decided to keep the viewer in a constant loop. To achieve this effect, they landed on a TikTok-inspired technique using motion assets. This means that the camera zooms into the person’s eyes while wearing the frames, before panning into the eyes of another; as if the viewer is entering a new world each time a pair of glasses appears. Made in collaboration with director of photography Sam Vis – plus visual effects designer Daniel Falkenhagen – Camille explains how they did this “twice”. She adds: “First with a normal lens, and then one more time with a probe lens. This is a lens that can get very close without losing any sharpness.” By working this way, the team encountered one key challenge: they needed to make the cut between the lenses as seamless and possible – it’s safe to say they achieved just that.
The campaign is effortlessly hypnotic as it switches from character to character, and frame to frame. It’s fast-paced and creative, showing both the broad mix of eyewear designs while alluding to the importance of diversity – “not just in the creative industry but in all industries,” says Camille. “I think it’s important that everyone has some sort of representation of themselves that’s visible on TV, in commercials, series and films. Everyone needs someone or something you can identify with or look up to.”

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