The branding people [tbpmx] new identity

In 2022 the branding people  are celebrating their 10th anniversary and with that milestone they came up with a new identity that oozes a breath of fresh air. “To commemorate these last 10 years we’re making our projects the star of the show, therefore we’re appealing to old ways to create a promising future”. 
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The idea behind this concept is to morph into the future while embracing tbpmx’s bold aesthetic and classic elements. Hence embracing how the studio can sheathe any challenge and create a unique brand every time. Mastering the art of brands.

A dazzling black and white, with touches of our RGB blue, will create the perfect stage for our work to shine. This topped with abstract 3D shapes with exquisite textures, and 10th-anniversary hints will make tbpmx’s new look a novelty. 

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