To illustrate this, the ads – which include TV, digital, print, out-of-home, social and audio spots – build on the aesthetic featured in the previous Truth campaign. Using both headlines and visuals from the newspaper and online, the TV spots create a written portrait of individual subscribers, with these images then also used in the out-of-home ads.
The campaign is the latest offering from Droga5 for the New York Times, and features a new tagline – ‘Independent Journalism for an Independent Life’. It is rooted in the wide and varied tastes of NYT subscribers, and how the brand’s breadth of coverage provides them with the intellectual sustenance they need.
[embedded content]
[embedded content] The ads highlight the eclectic tastes of the newspaper’s subscribers, and how they can all be served by the brand (natch)
The use of the New York Times’ signature fonts and styling add up to elegant spots that reinforce the brand in every setting they appear, while the text itself reiterates the intelligence and uniqueness of its readers – certainly a clever and flattering ploy to bring in subs. [embedded content]