Month: February 2022

Unique Branding Ideas to Boost Reputation

What will I learn? show It is essential to understand that unique branding needs time to resonate with the consumer base and is a very long-term aspect of branding.  It’s a big question mark on

Huddly L1 Packaging Design

For more information make sure to check out: Through meticulous detailing, Goods have made raw cardboard feel premium. They use clever details like the lid doubling as padding for the camera, bespoke inner compartments to

Elvis Costello’s Sleeve Covers Turned Album Art On Its Head

Left to right: Elvis Costello’s Get Happy and Armed Forces, designed by Barney Bubbles “Those decorative oblong shapes which are on the cover are repeated on the label as well. So there’s a lot going

Kelvin Okafor, Caroline Pool and Christy Lee Rogers feature in new portraiture series from Tinie (Tempah)

A new series presented by Tinie (formerly Tinie Tempah) launched yesterday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, exploring the art of portrait making. Entitled Extraordinary Portraits, the series sees “everyday heroes” from the general public

The do’s and don’ts of creative side hustles

Creative Insight We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Three creatives share advice on how to start (and stick with) a side hustle – from balancing it alongside your day job to ensuring you are

Why Do We Need Logos? Branding Psychology

What will I learn? show When you think about it logically, humans rely heavily on signs before committing to decisions. Hence, logos follow the same pattern and act as guiding pointers for potential clients. So

Brand Marketing Strategy: Benefits for Businesses

What will I learn? show Developing a brand identity requires smart planning and effective branding, aspects that’ll differentiate your business from the rest. The better you identify what you want to do, how you want

Introducing Calmaria Terral

Calmaria Terral is intended for use with our breathing app, Calmaria, Terral is a gender-neutral fragrance, flexible for layering or use on its own. For anyone needing stress-relief and tranquility, apply Terral lightly to pulse

Why neutrality is a powerful tool for grassroots abortion campaign graphics

Founded with the ultimate  goal of ‘achieving free, safe and legal abortion care everywhere on the island of Ireland, for everyone who wants or needs it’, in its early days ARC’s aims were seen as