Month: January 2022


Thriving off impulse and collaboration, Milo Blake’s films are deeply intertwined with London’s subculture

Usually going off “impulse” and “the baseline feeling I ascertain from a song or situation”, Milo is dedicated to ensuring his music videos emulate their song’s core essence. In late 2021, he worked with PRXZ

Acast campaign turns major podcasts’ first words into disappearing type

Another key aspect of the project is the decaying presentation of Weirdo’s type. “We’ve shown the work in a state of disappearance, the words fading before your eyes and making room for yours,” explains Louis

My Breakthrough Moment: Maira Kalman

Creative Insight The need to write was present from a young age. There were many books that I loved, but Pippi Longstocking was the moment I decided to be a writer. I knew that telling

M&M’s reveals global redesign alongside new brand purpose

The logo’s ampersand has been brought to the fore across the new visual design by JKR, in a bid to represent the way in which the brand brings people together. The borders around each letterform

The history of the Doomsday Clock design

Creative Insight This is according to American non-profit organisation the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and its Doomsday Clock, which has been breaking down potential humanity annihilation in the bleak but digestible terms of ‘minutes

Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity remade for Junya Watanabe’s latest menswear collection

Fashion continues to work with past iconic media and other disciplines, such as digital art in gaming, to entice audiences in new ways. Another collaborative fashion short premiered last year, when Balenciaga collaborated with The

7 Best Branding Techniques for 7 Figure Brands

What will I learn? show It is possible to target your ideal consumer by developing a buyer persona. A buyer persona is also known as a customer persona, an audience persona, or a marketing persona.

Tommy Cash pitches a cushioney, bread bun sofa to Ikea called Loafa

Tommy Cash, the rapper and disturbing music video maker extraordinaire, has now entered the realm of home furnishing. In collaboration with object-transformation artist Gab Bois, Cash revealed a sofa made from bread rolls on Instagram.

Netflix joins forces with CALM to install ‘Benches of Hope’ across the UK

Netflix joined forces with suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) for the campaign, which makes reference to a recurring scene across all three seasons of After Life – the park bench. Those who