Month: January 2022

7 Signs That You Need a New Business Website Design

What will I learn? show In this situation, there’s only one thing you can do as a responsible business owner. If your content is useful and fun, they’ll want to read more. If your website

Isle of Dogs animator Tobias Fouracre creates stop motion thieves for VanMoof campaign

Tobias was initially drawn to the project for its interview format, as a change of pace from typical action-driven stop motion projects. “Personally, I’ve always found those intimate moments when characters talk much more interesting

Everything you need to know about flexible visual identity systems

Billed as “the design manual for contemporary visual identities”, the book is published by Slanted and presents a variety of approaches on how to design flexible systems, which can be adapted according to any project

How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Spark Brand Success

What will I learn? show Blue is the all-time favourite colour, worldwide and it’s no wonder what with so much of our planet being blue – the sky and the sea. Many banks and businesses

Feodora — Cyberpunk Art Direction and 3D Illustration

You can follow the development of the project here : Prints available here on Thomas Dubois shared an incredible art direction, illustration and motion design project titled Feodora. There’s not much information about it besides

Are Those Shapes Letters or Patterns? Letterform Variations Experiments With Both

While the project feels exhaustively complete, a framework exists to create a whole range of new letter sets using the original system as a template, by simply switching out or adding new units. The book

Collins looks to eliminate online trolls with a new identity for OpenWeb

Departing from the visual tendencies of most internet brands, Collins’ identity pays tribute to contemporary tech through motion design and swift animated infographics, while still incorporating classic imagery. Bowker states: “It’s something that we hope

Collins unveils a kaleidoscopic new logo for OpenWeb

Collins was charged with overhauling OpenWeb’s branding, finding its inspiration in the typography of the printed newspaper page of days gone by. One of the brand’s goals was to develop a more clear voice, but

Consistent Web Design – Improving Usability And User Experience

What will I learn? show Mixed reactions often end up in confusion and of course, being a service seeker; Nobody would prefer a service provider whose website is confusing him or her!  Please avoid the