A new Beijing Winter Olympics campaign uses choreography and an escalator in ingenious ways

As the Beijing Winter Games 2022 draws excitingly closer – 4 February, pop it in the calendar – the International Olympics Committee has just released a film for its latest campaign: Stronger Together. Directed by Salomon Ligthelm, the film highlights the connected aspect of the new Olympics motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.” The advert uses some original choreography to show everyday people mirroring the actions of Olympic athletes from various winter sports.
“[Stronger Together] spotlights the unique relationship between Olympians and [their] supporters across the world,” explains a release. “This display of togetherness and the belief of others power you to believe in yourselves; to push through that wall, take that leap, land that trick. Through every rise, every fall, every victory.”
During the short advert, people at offices, the pub, and construction sites all perform the actions of figure skaters, ski-jumpers and snowboarders – at one point, an escalator full of commuters appear to be steering a Bobsleigh uphill. At its close, a shot reveals an Olympian falling over before getting back up, joined by the amateur Olympians performing the same action. According to the IOC, the film illustrates “the power that believing in each other can bring to other people”.
The film joins a story also released as part of the Stronger Together campaign on solidarity, voiced by Olympic medallist Lindsey Vonn. It also adds to the ranks of innovative films released to celebrate the Olympics in recent years, including an animated spot from the BBC and a four-film skateboarding campaign featuring work from FKA twigs.

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