Tessian Brand System — A digital-first, human-led identity for cybersecurity startup

Tessian was founded in 2013 as an alternative voice to the rigidly corporate and entrenched players in cybersecurity — by creating machine-intelligent software that automatically detects and remediates mistakes or malicious behaviour, instead of relying on people to remember IT policies or arbitrary company rules.

Project Abstract

A digital-first brand identity for Sequoia-backed cybersecurity firm Tessian — the world’s first Human Layer Security platform — as it proposes a new human-first approach to cybersecurity and scales for a global audience of enterprise customers. Designed by Leon Brown with support from Selman and internal brand partners.
In a data-and-regulation conscious world, the role of cybersecurity is both of national, corporate, and personal importance. As the permeation of data into everyday working and lived experiences increases, so does the importance of protecting that data — from malicious hackers, misuse, or plain accidental behaviour.
Our approach needed to be decidedly human-facing and work to differentiate Tessian’s position as a market leader following a successful M Series B from Sequoia and grand plans to scale globally. Working with creative partners from Selman and our in-house team, we reflected Tessian’s ambitions for growth in a unified brand architecture and scalable brand system that is equal parts exciting and rigorous.

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