Tommy Cash pitches a cushioney, bread bun sofa to Ikea called Loafa

Tommy Cash, the rapper and disturbing music video maker extraordinaire, has now entered the realm of home furnishing. In collaboration with object-transformation artist Gab Bois, Cash revealed a sofa made from bread rolls on Instagram. Ingeniously called Loafa, the post also acts as a pitch encouraging Ikea to make it an official product.
The Loafa is not Tommy Cash’s first loaf-themed collaboration; in March last year, he worked with Maison Margiela on some bread slippers. At It’s Nice That, we last saw the rapper in a school-portrait face-swap music video and once before that in a NSFW vagina-swap video.
Gab Bois’ drew inspiration from Mario Bellini‘s 1970s Camaleon sofa to create the product. By using squishy loaves with a light glaze to achieve the modular form, its retro brown colour palette manages to achieve surprising accuracy.
In the post, Cash initially asked followers to comment in an attempt to reach 10,000 comments to hopefully convince Ikea to place the Loafa into production. Ikea has yet to respond publicly, but Cash recently followed up writing: “Loafa is coming to your nearest IKEA söön.”

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