Email Marketing and Social Media: 11 Ways To Bring in New Customers

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This campaign is suggested for those with average popularity on social media channels and who wants to take it ahead.
Clicking on the feed will redirect the subscriber to the respective social media account, a great way to get more organic followers and engagement on your social media profile.
For example, it is suitable to create a professional post and profile on LinkedIn, whereas, on Instagram, you should focus on creating attractive and exciting visuals with short and crisp captions to engage more people.
You can use email marketing to send out personalised messages and establish a better relationship of trust with the receiving audience; people always relate more to that personalised touch. And messages sent through emails are more likely to reach the person they are intended for than many other channels.

What is Email Marketing?

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Other than CTA on Facebook’s page, you can also use the method of embedding a sign-up form on your Facebook. Using an HTML app to design the sign-up form and locate it somewhere good on your page, you can do this. 
Email Marketing and Social Media: 11 Ways To Bring in New Customers
Another effective way to integrate emails and social media is to embed live social media feeds in emails. You can integrate live feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms using Zapier integrations.
Organising a contest or giveaway is a great way to convert your social media followers into your email subscribers and vice-versa. After all, who doesn’t love gifts?

What is Social Media Marketing?

These buttons allow your subscribers to reach out to you quickly through multiple social channels and allow them to follow your brand and engage with your content. You can also add a few lines asking them to follow you there and indicating what other exciting things they can find by joining your brand on those social platforms.
Adding social media icon buttons in the email is the most common way of integrating email and social media. The integration is simple but has extreme importance.
Social Media Marketing includes identifying your target audience, who are more likely to be interested in your products or services, and creating content specifically after understanding their interests, online activities, preferred online platforms, etc.
For example, you may ask your customers to share their referral codes with friends and colleagues via email and social media. 
Even though the two channels are completely different, integrating them provides a holistic marketing approach to achieve maximised results.
You can make attractive offers to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. 
The content wears the crown in social media marketing. It should be specifically tailored according to the characteristics of social media platforms and aimed to boost lead generation.

Benefits of Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing:

You can ask for the participant’s name and email address, as well as their consent to receive promotional emails when holding contests. Just remember to follow the GDPR standards while creating contest forms! Otherwise, you’ll get into difficulty and wind up having to pay a fine rather than expanding your firm.

  • Enhanced Marketing Metrics- When you use social media marketing tactics in your emails, it makes it easier for your readers to share the email and increases the chances of getting more opens and click-throughs. As a result, the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns improves.
  • Determines Your Potential Customers- You can derive valuable data from the subscriber list about your customers and clients. This will help you recognise the people who frequently open your emails and create emails tailored specially for them to send rewards or exclusive offers.
  • Amplify the reach of your messages- Being active across multiple channels will amplify your reach to a broader audience and keep them informed about new ventures, promotions, and offers.
  • Provides options to your subscribers- You should not rely just on email as a marketing tool. Your email subscribers may spend more time on social media than on email. Allow them to interact with you on the platform that they are most familiar with.

Clever Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media:

For example, you can offer exclusive content to your subscribers or draw their attention to something like special offers for the next 50 subscribers.
To improve your marketing efforts, let’s look at some of the best ways to integrate email marketing with social media.

1. Add Social Media Icons In The Email

Now it’s your turn to apply these integration strategies to get the best of both worlds!
 The platform allows you to use links in your bio section to direct your audience to your target URL. So you can add the links in your bio to direct them to your subscription page. And then, you can create various stories and posts telling them to subscribe to your newsletter and what they will get out of it. This will help you add to your email subscriber list.
Social media marketing focuses more on driving traffic, whereas email marketing contributes towards converting leads.

Email Marketing And Social Media Tips

2. Run Email Campaigns To Promote Social Media Pages:

It is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate revenue as it has the potential to generate 42$ for every 1$ spent, which equals 4200%  ROI.

Even though the two methods are different in their goals, strategies, and marketing approaches, combining them will give you enhanced results. 
By leveraging the power of social media, you can encourage your social media followers to sign up for your emailing list. Using a call-to-action button on regular posts on different social media is highly effective.
According to the marketing rule of seven, a prospect has to interact with a brand at least seven times before they’ll take action to purchase your product or service. By increasing and integrating your brand presence across multiple channels, you’re increasing your chances of success and providing a better customer experience.

Email Marketing Tips

Running an email sequence designed to promote your social media channels can maximise your social reach. 

3. Use Social Media To Grow Your Email-List:

Tip: Don’t forget to clean and verify your email lists before sending out your email campaigns. Using an email verifier to do so will maximise the results of your campaigns.

Upload and track your subscriber lists on social platforms. This will enable you to follow your subscribers on different social media channels and run social media campaigns accordingly.

  1. You can utilise the main call to action button on your Facebook page. You can do this by turning your Facebook CTA button into a sign-up button for, say, newsletters, and that’s all you need to do. It’s easy to set up and a straightforward way to get your users to join your mailing list. 
Social Media Grow Your Email List
  1. Instagram also provides the feature of CTA to convert your followers into customers. If you have a business profile with more than 10k followers or use Instagram in-built ads opportunities, you can get the call to action buttons such as “subscribe” in the shape of a swipe up in your Instagram feed posts and Stories. These single CTA buttons allow you to lead your followers to a sign-up page or any landing page that you want. 
  1. Twitter has also added the feature of CTA for business that can lead your audience to any URL. So, by using such a CTA button, you can take them to your signup page.
  1. Use Sign-up Form On Your Facebook Page:

In today’s digital world, people spend a lot of their time using social media and emails. This makes them the two most essential marketing aids that contribute to quality lead generation and a high ROI for any business. 

Subscribe To Email Updates

Example of an email campaign by an international school to promote their social media channels
 This feed gets automatically updated whenever the receiver opens the email. For example, if you send your email on Friday and the receiver opens it on Monday, the live feed will fetch the current data, and the receiver will be able to see the latest post on Monday.

5. Upload Your Subscriber List On Social Media Platforms:

The most worthy feature of social media is that it allows a broader reach.

These campaigns don’t need to be complex and can showcase the extra benefits your subscribers can get by connecting with the brand on different social media platforms. This strategy is excellent for growing your social follower base.

6. Social Sharing Through Emails:

Social Media Marketing is a strategy used to promote content related to a brand on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. This marketing approach is the opposite of email marketing done on a personal channel.
Did you know that 22% of the people you reach via Facebook advertisements and email are more likely to buy? Consider how much higher this percentage would be if we combined the two like bread and butter. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits now.

Social Sharing Through Email

7. Direct Subscriptions From Instagram:

Email marketing promotes a brand or a product or service by developing relationships with potential customers through emails.
You can run a cross-channel Q&A contest that will draw your email subscribers to your social media channels. You can pose a question in your email and request that your readers respond on Twitter or Facebook. You can use a random fortunate draw method to select the winner. This indirectly motivates more people to try their luck, promoting your brand in the digital realm.

Instagram Email Subscribe

8. Reward-Based Referral Marketing Strategy:

All these are the most effective and intelligent ways to gain more customers and deliver a multi-channel experience to the existing ones. This helps boost your customer lifecycle and marketing endeavours.
Moreover, you’ll collect valuable information about the users, like their likes & dislikes, interests, preferences. This will further allow you to create personalised campaigns to increase their engagement. And when you know your audience better, you’ll create posts that will perform well. This good performance will lead to further expansion of your reach.

Referral Marketing Strategy

9. Add a Live Social Media Feed in Your Emails:

Using customised ads is perhaps the most effective way to ensure a multichannel marketing strategy. You can use the data from your subscribers who have opened your emails to retarget them with adverts on social media platforms. You’ll be able to connect with potential prospects. As a result, you are making your strategy far more feasible.
By using the method of social sharing, you will have the chance to make your emails shareable while increasing visibility and rate of conversions. When you allow your subscribers to share your email content with their peers, you also get access to their details. This also increases cost-efficiency.
Email marketing focuses on nurturing leads and guiding them down the marketing sales funnel. 

Social Media Feed In Email

10. Social Media Ads to Retarget Your Email Subscribers:

Instagram is considered the ideal platform for businesses. Recent studies show that Instagram can drive the highest amount of traffic compared with other channels.

How Social Media Retargeting Works

11. Social Media Giveaways to Build Your Email List:

Email marketing campaigns motivate your subscribers to click on your CTA buttons. Even if you have enough email audiences that result in a reasonable conversion rate, making emails for social sharing can expand the reach of your message and lead to more significant results.
For example:

Encourage your customers to like and share your brand’s social media pages, and get their friends and family to do the same. And in return, you can offer them something of their interest – special offers, early access to sales, or reward points.
This will consequently increase the brand’s visibility and establish credibility and many social media followers.
The better your strategies, the more edge you get over the competitors. Before moving forward on how to combine these two tools, it is imperative to understand what they are and how they are different from each other. Also, email marketing plays a significant role in influencing the purchasing decision of people. In a survey by SaleCycle in 2018, it was found that 59% of email respondents were influenced by emails in making their purchasing decisions.

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