Scandinavian Design Group just hints at magical motifs in Favrit rebrand

Favrit, one of Norway’s leading ordering and payment brands in hospitality, has received a new name and brand identity from design agency Scandinavian Design Group. Guiding the brand’s transition from Ordr to Favrit, SDG took the idea of “a magical wizard”, “always in your pocket” and ran with it – or maybe we should say flew with it, if you can excuse us getting swept up in the theme.
While magic was chosen as a key influence, SDG took the whimsical concept in a stripped back direction. “By holding back on its appearance,” the agency describes, “only smaller parts of the wizard appear – which will run through the brand as a fun and surprising element – helping you with everything from onboarding to actual ordering or payment.” In a bid to build on Favrit’s purpose, “empowering magic moments”, a wand was used as the signature Favrit sticker.
A bold but controlled serif display typeface was chosen as Favrit’s mode of communication across all screens and mediums. Combined with a pragmatic and highly functional sans serif to maximise legibility on smaller copy, SDG notes the type “strikes a balance between human warmth and technical precision — a combination also embodied in Favrit’s product”.
Another unique aspect came from the colour programme, developed to set Favrit apart from its competitors, as a brand positioned amongst a strong market responding to the unique global shift over the last couple of years. “When analysing the competitive landscape of 120+ players in the market, less than a handful utilised purple as a brand colour,” reveals SDG. “As purple also proved highly relevant for the design concept, Favrit was able to take ownership of purple a few weeks after launch.”

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