Neara — New brand identity

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The name reflects how the company brings partners ‘nearer’ to their assets, environments and businesses. The rebrand is a reflection of the company’s diversifying growth ambitions into new infrastructure sectors with the symbol serving as the starting point to integrate the services and products under this umbrella. 

By using the negative space it generates a dynamic way to create up to 256 product logotypes.


  • Agency: Mubien Brands / Workshop Built
  • Brand Consultant: Tenielle Stoltenkamp
  • Creative Direction: David Mubien
  • Art Direction: Javier Ochoa, Daniel Iglesias, David Mubien
  • Design: Carlos Almagro, Patricia Orden
  • UI/UX: Javier Ochoa
  • Motion: Daniel Iglesias

Australian utility SaaS business, Neara (formerly Power Lines Pro), reached out to Mubien Brands® develop their new brand identity to serve as the umbrella company under which the different products and services would live. We worked on the transition of Power Lines Pro to the umbrella company “Neara” developing the new brand positioning, architecture, and visual identity.

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