Content Creation: 6 Time-Saving Hacks

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You can even make them an offer of creating a guest post for their website sometime later. This will help enhance your relationship with the guests and network better.
So, what is the solution to this problem? An ideal way to fill the gap when you are extremely busy with your business is to turn to the guest posters. This will free you up and allow you to engage with your critical business affairs.
Sticking to one platform may make your audience miss out on the opportunity to read the valuable content you have written. Repurposing your existing content can help prevent this.
One of the essential rules you need to remember while creating content is that it is always about quality and not quantity. 
When you already have a hectic schedule and too many tasks on your plate, finding time for content creation can be overwhelming. 
In such as situation, outsourcing seems to be the most viable option. Outsourcing some of your content creation tasks will provide you with more time to focus on your marketing and other core business works.
Many content creators face such problems and go through overwhelming situations. It mainly happens when you post content regularly.
Creating the best content does take a considerable amount of time. However, there are ways to optimise your time and craft unique content.

1 – Cut Back On Quantity

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One of the best hacks to save time yet create top-ranking content is scheduling your content well in advance. 
In addition, it can help expand the exposure of your business among the fan base or audience of the guest posters. You can also allow the guest posters to promote the content or products of their brand.
Content ideas do not come at a specific time. They can just come into your mind any time, and you cannot afford to let go of great ideas that come instantly and naturally. 
However, while doing so, they often fall short of new content ideas or overlook their core business tasks. At times, they may even compromise with the quality of the content. But this can do more harm than good.
You may be wondering whether repurposed content will be able to attract your potential customers. However, in reality, repurposed content can help attract more traffic beyond your expectations.
About 93% of B2B marketers leverage content marketing to reach their target audience. That speaks of how essential content creation has become.
So, try having a notebook and a pen always by your side.
Avoid rushing at the very last minute. Instead, consider setting a plan and then adhering to it.
To increase your efficiency and save time, consider sitting down and making a content creation plan for a month. Investing just a few hours in such planning can help you save much time in the end.
Moreover, it will also enable you to tap into the network of guest posters easily. To look for the guest posters, try reaching out to your existing connections in the industry. Ask them to craft relevant and engaging blogs posts suitable for your website.
Take such content and repurpose it to post it on another platform. For instance, if you previously posted the content on YouTube, you can repurpose it and post it on your website or other social media platforms.
When finding guests to post for your business, make sure to choose people who are familiar with industry trends and understand your business well. 
So, make sure to choose an outsourcing agent who has rich experience in the content creation domain.

2 – Repurpose Your Existing Content

To repurpose your content, try to look for some of your existing content that has performed well in the past. You may have specific content with many views and likes compared to other posts.
It is essential to have highly engaging content to stand out and stay ahead of your competitors in the competitive era. 
It will enable your audience to wait for your content on a particular day of the week. When people see your content several times on specific days, it will help in effectively enhancing your brand awareness.

Most of the top content marketers in the industry follow this approach. Having a calendar and planning your content ahead of time always helps.
They can work for you remotely and assist your business in creating highly engaging and meaningful content to increase your reach.

Repurposing content allows your target audience to view your top content on popular social media platforms. Not all your target audience uses all the popular social media platforms. While some may be using Facebook and Instagram, others may be more comfortable with YouTube.
You must know that creating an exciting content piece consumes much time as a marketer. Moreover, it also requires sufficient attention. But this may not be possible for the owners of small businesses.
It is pretty easy to find people with whom you can outsource your content creation tasks in today’s highly connected world. 
You can also consider creating a series of the content of a particular theme over certain weeks. The chances of engagement are pretty high in such type of content. This will increase the curiosity of your target audience and interest them more in your content.
You cannot afford to post content one day and then completely disappear for a month. It would help if you were consistent. 

3 – Create A Calendar And Plan It Out

Content Marketing Calendar

Moreover, to help you prepare your schedule, many helpful content marketing tools are available. While many are available for free, others will come within your budget. Try leveraging such tools and prepare your schedule the best.
Any compromise with the content quality can negatively impact the target audience’s minds. 
The long-form contents usually take time. However, they are sure to provide your customers with optimum value. 
Well, in that case, here are six time-saving hacks that can help. Let’s take a look!
Make sure to show consistency. Your content must appear in the social media feeds every week without fail. So, instead of quantity of content, focusing on consistent and quality content can help you capture your audience’s attention better.
Stream your content creation and avail the best benefits for your business.
Try looking for such topics that you have already covered. Simply updating specific facts and figures in such blog posts can make it new content and capture the audience’s attention. 
Do you have a tough time keeping up with the pace of content creation? Well, you are not the only one! 
It will save your precious time while offering value to the audience.

4 – Reach Out To The Guest Posters

You can ask for a sample of their previous works to gain insights into the quality of content they offer. Also, discuss the delivery of the content to avoid any hassle later.
You don’t have to create vast volumes of content daily. Instead, you must consider focusing on the quality. That must be your top priority!

So, to save time, refreshing your existing content is an excellent option. This will enable you to come up with new content faster.
Many businesses consider posting at least one content in a day to attract more customers and gain more leads.
Without looking for human resources to add to the permanent team, you can outsource your works as and when required. However, when planning to outsource, make sure to find the right contractor who can provide you with high-quality content.
Even when you have a dedicated time for brainstorming, many ideas come at other times of the day. Stocking your ideas will help you save time while creating a new piece of content. 
While crafting highly engaging content is the need of the hour, it does consume much time. You need to do several tasks to create eye-catching content that includes research, planning, writing, editing, and the list goes on.
Creating less yet valuable content is always better than flooding your target audience with meaningless content.
Such people will be able to provide your target audience with optimum value.
To make your task even easier, you can select a particular theme for a specific month. This will enable you to quickly develop several exciting topics around the theme and help save more time. Be sure of the topics you are willing to cover.
Making such connections with the guest posters can significantly benefit your business. Moreover, the best thing is that it is often budget-friendly. That means you can save both time and money at the same time.

5 – Think Of Outsourcing

Moreover, ensure that the contractor knows the business and industry you operate in. If a contractor fulfils all such criteria, it’s time to outsource your content creation and engage your audience with meaningful content.
Many content creators mistake forcing their brains to think of a new topic when they have to write it. However, it doesn’t work that day. 
There can be times when your business meetings are lined up, and you do not get time to create content. Or, you may be out of town for a business conference or launch a new product.
Creating meaningful and relevant content doesn’t always need to be time-consuming. Are you wondering how you can save time yet come up with the best content? 
In the present competitive era, we cannot overlook the importance of content creation. 
After guest posting, outsourcing proves to be an excellent option to save time in content creation. Many small businesses do not have a sufficient workforce to simultaneously handle content creation and marketing.
Also, they can make a positive and significant impact on your authority. In addition to quality, it is also essential to maintain consistency.
Now that you know the six best strategies to save time in content creation, it is time to leverage and implement them. These approaches can help you provide your audience with high-quality content while saving your business a great deal of time.
Content Creation: 6 Time-Saving Hacks
You do not have to think of a catchy title but start writing the content right away.

6 – Stock Up Your Content Creation Ideas

If you still want to share content daily, sharing brand new content can be pretty challenging. 
Moreover, it can also help you in overcoming writer’s block efficiently. Create a stockpile of innovative ideas and make the best use of your valuable time.
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Try to block out specific days for idea generation, content planning, and content writing. This will enable you to follow a systematic approach and efficiently use your valuable time.

You can also ask them to take over your social media platforms for some time or host a podcast episode. You can ask them to create different content as per your requirement.
Try writing fewer long-form content. Even if you post just two blog posts in a week, it is acceptable.
However, the good news is that there are several hacks to optimise and streamline the content creation process.


Make sure to decide the day or days of a week when you will be posting. Stick to it throughout.

You may come up with an excellent title while reading a book or an article. Consider writing it down immediately in the notebook. When things keep coming to your mind, try adding them to the list.
Lack of quality content will make you miss out on the opportunities to attract more customers and affect your brand’s image. 
Many people wait for the deadline and then force their brains to be creative. However, this approach may not be productive all the time. So, try to keep stocking up your creative ideas as you have them. You can even take up a successful blog and transform it into a podcast episode or video content for YouTube. Also, some topics never seem to go out for trend or fashion.

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