Month: January 2022

When Is A Good Time To Rebrand Your Business?

What will I learn? show In this growing world, every day, there is innovative advancement and learning. Reputation is the foremost key in the brand market stand, and this repute gets distressed if a brand

Experimental abstract posters by Wiksby

Wiksby is a graphic designer who regularly creates experimental posters and shares them on Instagram. To see more of his work it is best to follow him on Instagram: Posters design His work is

How Faust’s Sleeves Pushed the Limits of Record Design

Faust record sleeves Punkt (2021) Jean-Hervé Peron: “I know a little bit more about Faust IV. It was Gunther Wüsthoff’s idea. Here you can clearly see the mind of Wüsthoff—so typically north German—no frills, just

Gucci invites a set of artists to illustrate its latest bamboo bag

For the release, artist Nico Ito transported the bag into an “imaginary world”, achieved using soft airbrushing, while graphic novelist and cartoonist at The New Yorker, Everett Glenn, presented a comic-driven work. Elsewhere, artist Samson

Uffizi — Editorial Design

Guillermina Teves–Bejar shared a super stylish editorial design project for the Uffizi catalog. Uffizi Arquitectura Publicitaria is an architecture and design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina with more than 25 years of existence with

5 Ways a Print Finishing Service Helps Create a Standout Business Card

What will I learn? show For example, think about gloss or a laminated finish. This is going to feel smooth to touch, which you might like.  The last thing you want is to create a

Top 10 Best Laptops for Graphic Design

What will I learn? show The Lenovo Flex 5 convertible touch screen notebook comes equipped with the i7 processor @ 1.80GHz and 16 GB RAM.  As far as battery life is concerned, you get approximately

Printmaking Challenge Series by Jerry-Lee Bosmans

Poster Design Jerry-Lee Bosmans is a Dutch visual designer who has been experimenting and designing a killer poster series titled ‘Printmaking Challenge’. We have featured the very same series before on abdz, but it’s exciting

Best Art Vinyl Award 2021 goes to “interchangeable” artwork from Paul Phillips

Best Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps states: “This year’s winning sleeve art is built around a self-contained frame border, that allows the owner to swap and enjoy all four versions of the sleeve with each