Month: December 2021

Amazfit Unveils Bold New Brand Identity with Landor

Amazfit is a brand owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP) that has shipped over 100 million  devices since 2014. In a constantly-changing world where customers are filled with endless  opportunities and evolving moods, feelings and

The best games of the year 2021

[embedded content] Moncage In 2016, Niantic published Pokémon Go, and showed the world the creative possibility of augmented reality. This year, the developer released Pikmin Bloom – another AR ‘game’, set in the Pikmin universe,

Only Studio creates new branding for cultural research hub network BIRI

As such, the brand had to both demonstrate the common ground between the various institutes without suppressing the unique contributions of each of the individual institutes. “A major challenge for the identity would be striking

Trends of 2021: The year in film and TV

Creative Insight On the other end of the spectrum, Jack Thorne’s hard-hitting drama Help marked one of the first attempts to unravel our pandemic experience in the cultural realm. Set in a fictional care home

Watch your step with Alex Chinneck’s uncoiling staircase sculpture

A Spring in Your Step by Alex Chinneck. Images: Marc Wilmot Chinneck describes his sculptures as “contextually responsive”, and in the case of Circus Street, he took into consideration the many entryways to the location,

Pioneering architect Richard Rogers passes away aged 88

Born in Florence in 1933, Rogers moved to England in 1939 aged six. He attended the Architectural Association School of Architecture in the UK before studying at Yale, where he met long-time collaborator Norman Foster.

Marketing Automation: 5 Crucial Tips To Scale Your Business

What will I learn? show You can quickly generate designs and create your original ones with ready templates.  You need to get the tone of the message right, making sure it’s delivered to the right

Portrait Illustrations – Blockchain Top 100

For more information about the project make sure to check out HERE. Vitalik Buterin Also follow Made Up on: Gavin Wood British cryptographer and cypherpunk, inventor of Hashcash and CEO of Blockstream. Adam Back Made

Review of the Year 2021: Top 50 Most Read

Elsewhere, it’s been a sense of nostalgia our readers have seemed to enjoy. A conversation with Ewen Spencer on his iconic photographs launching Channel 4’s Skins for instance, or a reflective piece on the importance