Month: December 2021

Doe Khit Gallery — Branding

We designed modules inspired by Burma’s iconic rattan balls, and the idea of weaving history, culture, and the future into space. The Lab Saigon shared a really beautiful branding and visual identity for DOE KHIT

The Best Design Books of 2021

Illustration by Beatrice Sala Graphic Life by Michael Gericke (Image Publishing Group) Books on design are rarely written with the literary flourish found in novels, memoirs, and creative non-fiction. Even more, they’re rarely personal, preferring

App Marketing Guide for Startups and Small Businesses Launching a New App

What will I learn? show Remember that this purpose doesn’t need to be world-changing – it could simply be to entertain, shop, or play a game. These are simple needs, but they matter to the

How to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?

What will I learn? show The Click-through rate is the successful clicks earned against the impressions. This metric is used for all the digital content, whether it’s the social media content or the content displayed

9 Expert Tips to Create SEO-Friendly URLs

What will I learn? show In this regard, the website must assure security which can be possible through the special SSL certificate. In the absence of these special certificates, website users are more prone to

How to Implement Inbound Marketing as a SaaS Company

What will I learn? show One of the notable practices in this regard is inbound marketing. This has become a mainstream strategy through which SaaS companies improve their marketing tactics to increase conversion.  This is

Editor’s Choice: 6 Must-Reads From Eye on Design in 2021

Illustration by Beatrice Sala The CIA Has Always Understood the Power of Design, by Theo Inglis  While trend pieces often follow a familiar formula (here’s a thing I’ve seen + give it a name +

Top 10 Best Free Fonts For Your Designs

What will I learn? show Top 10 Best Free Fonts For Your Designs The pack has 95 unique alternates and ligatures to give the font an impeccable look. You can never get

Drawtify Review – Alternative to Canva and Photoshop

In today video will look at a graphics design planform called Drawtify. Its alternative to Canva and Photoshop Do you like designing exclusive vector logos, infographics, animations, social media pictures, and beautiful graphics online for