Month: December 2021

Inside the surreal and tender world of Raman Djafari

Creative Process “I could somehow nail or pinpoint this as something that I am and that I do. I had an anchor somehow, like one of the only constant things that I carried with me

Visit Sweden campaign reveals the tourism gems behind Ikea product names

Credits:Agency: Forsman & BodenforsArt Director: Johanna Hofman-BangCopywriter: Marcus HägglöfWriter: Elisabeth ChristenssonDesigner: Håkan LarssonProduction Company: BRF As well as Lake Bolman, which is situated not far from Agunnaryd, where Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, grew up, the

The Gdynia Literary Prize — Branding and Visual Identity

The Gdynia Literary Prize is a Polish literary prize which is awarded annually to authors of the best books published in the previous year in Poland. TOFU Studio was asked again to prepare a complete


Delve into the human side of the creative story with November’s Nicer Tuesdays

Zak Group on the design of Fact Magazine “marrying the futuristic origins of music technology with a new wave of visual art practices” It’s an office that spreads itself across many facets of the creative

Lavender Hex Code

You have your colors and you have your sketches, now you can start designing. Many programs require a lot of time to learn the program and a lot of money to purchase or use the

Join our webinar on how to get the most out of hybrid working

Creative Inspiration As we move into a hybrid-working future, creative agencies around the world are looking for the sweet-spot that works best for their teams, clients and collaborators. With digital tools evolving at pace, it’s


Anthony Burrill, Catty Tay (Digi-Gxl and IoDF), Olivia Twist, Fa and Fon: Tickets are now available for December’s Nicer Tuesdays!

Somehow it is already December, marking the end of what has been another… interesting year. Throughout the ups and downs (and there have been many), there has been one constant for us here at It’s

Illustrator Brian Blomerth celebrates the history of mushroom lore in new book

Creative Inspiration Mycelium Wassonii is published by Anthology Editions; The Wassons are widely acknowledged as popularising the use of psychedelic mushrooms in the US. They not only brought them back to the country from

Stylish Illustration+Lettering by Bernardo Henning

Bernardo Henning is a graphic artist and co-founder at Bosque Studio. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina Bernando has a portfolio of colorful and quite stylish illustration and lettering work. The overall look and feel have