Doe Khit Gallery — Branding

We designed modules inspired by Burma’s iconic rattan balls, and the idea of weaving history, culture, and the future into space.

The Lab Saigon shared a really beautiful branding and visual identity for DOE KHIT Gallery. Burmese history is written in the Secretariat. The project is part of the historic revival of a storied building with a mixed concept space called DOE KHIT (meaning OUR TIME in Burmese). The dynamic wordmark took inspiration from the iconic shape of the Secretariat and the space within it that DOE KHIT resides.


  • Creative Director: Tuan Le
  • Guest Creative Director: Felix Ng (Anonymous Singapore)
  • Interior Designer: Daniel Arce, Tram Dang, Thu Le, Chloe Dinh
  • Graphic Designer: Andree Nguyen, Ngoc Pham
  • Production Director: Nhung Ho
  • Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen
  • Creative Strategist: Ly Tong
  • Account Manager: Huyen Vo
  • Account Executive: Khoa Do

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