Portrait Illustrations – Blockchain Top 100

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Vitalik Buterin

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Gavin Wood

British cryptographer and cypherpunk, inventor of Hashcash and CEO of Blockstream.

Adam Back

Made Up shared a series of portraits of the top 4 people working in Blockchain today. All portraits are drawn by hand in pencil, before being crafted in Adobe Illustrator, and finalized in Adobe Photoshop. Created for Minterest, a digital investment platform.

Satoshi Nakamato

Anonymous creator of Bitcoin. Illustration is based on a bronze statue representing Satoshi, in a park in Hungary.  Creator of Ethereum. I looked at a concept-driven approach, incorporating various icons from his life (Ethereum, Bitcoin magazine, World of Warcraft). The client opted for a more style-driven approach, to be used across all the portraits.
Creator of Polkadot, a blockchain currency that uses ‘proof-of-stake’, which basically means a cleaner use of energy resources than ‘proof-of-work’ currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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