O Bloco — Branding and Visual Identity

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Manoel Michael shared a branding and graphic design project titled O Bloco. How to maintain an avant-garde and creative identity, when the advertising market has less and less networking and networking events? BLOCK # 1. A non-party. A non-stage for artistic interventions. Music, technology, tattoo, unexpected experiences and unlikely combinations.

We created a changeable brand system with infinite possibilities, thinking about the different perspectives of understanding about what a block is and what the event could become. This great variety helped us to tell a little about what O Bloco is and to create unique visual identities. The visual branding system creates a basis for building the visual identity. That way, we will always have unique visuals linked by a brand and a general concept of construction.



  • Agency: AMPLA
  • Participants: Manoel Michael, Ricardo Barros, Thiago Couceiro, Yago Santana, Aliwton Carvalho, Henrique Pereira.
  • Awards: 1x Shortlist em Direção de Arte at 45º Anuário do Clube de Criação 2020

For more information make sure to check out co.blo and follow on Manoel Michael:

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