Behind the scenes of a landmark campaign marking one of the most anticipated events in sport: 4creative talks the Paralympics

From the storyline, ideation, props, set design, casting, post-production, editing and music; Lynsey’s expansive talk explored all aspects of the thoughtful campaign. Directed by Bradford Young and Elena Camisa, Lynsey explained how a highly talented team came together to tell the story of seven remarkable para-athletes. Pockets of humour merge with rawness and pain in the three minute film, and similarly, Lynsey’s engaging talk fleeted from emotion to emotion which impressively packed an almighty campaign into one succinct lowdown. And here it is, press play above to find out how one of the biggest campaigns in television comes to life.
In a whopping talk crammed with an incredible amount of content, we were treated to the ins and outs of 4Creative’s Paralympics 2020 campaign. Delivered by executive creative director Lynsey Atkin, she took us through the much-anticipated project that was three years in the making. “There are those briefs that you see and you think ‘I’d love a crack at that’ and feel sick for two years,” she said, discussing the enormity of the task. Not only is it a huge moment for TV campaigns, it also marks a wider celebration for Channel 4 that helped redefine the way society perceives disability in the UK.

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