Considering a job change in the new year? Read If You Could Jobs’ latest guide

Looking for a new job is a bit like building a house. To start with, you might have a wildly ambitious wish list – say, a life-changing salary, awesome benefits, incredible office, hilarious colleagues, a worthy cause to fight for. But there will naturally be compromises along the way, since work is a practical concern as much as an emotional and intellectual one. Whatever the shape and size and colour scheme of the role you finally step into, the groundwork is key: strong foundations, a sufficient and hopefully inspiring setting, and enough room to adapt and grow.
Using this short guide, you’ll pinpoint what excites and motivates you; understand what you alone can contribute to a workplace; get clarity on what you want to gain in return; identify the kind of working culture you feel most comfortable in; and begin to suss out where you want to get to eventually.
Click the link to read If You Could Jobs’ Guide on Considering a Job Change. 

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