Month: December 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Videos And When To Use Them

What will I learn? show Perhaps one of the most effective marketing videos: the testimonial. Record your customers giving first-hand testimony about your product or service and why they recommend it to everyone.  Use these videos

What Containers Reveal (and Conceal) About Design and Life

Courtesy of Sasha Portis. III. In August 2018, my grandma, the potter Sydney de Jong, had a stroke. A stroke is when a vessel, a container carrying oxygen to the brain, is blocked by a

7 Tips for Healthcare Website Design

What will I learn? show There is no need to use too many tools that might be unused because of the audience you would be receiving.  Considering it would be coming from a doctor or

What are the Best Colour Choices for Event Graphics Printing?

What will I learn? show It is needed to maintain the proper contrast between the lightness and darkness of each colour used on the graphics.  So if you want everyone to see the graphics and

Top 10 Essential Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

What will I learn? show All of your business plans are ready with just a click with this software. With this app, you generate a modern business plan and make as many edits as you


ROOK/NYC’s new packaging design for Alicia’s Spice Co. celebrates the art of cooking

“Our goal was to inject creativity into what is an otherwise very functional shelf set. Spices and seasonings are fun and bring out a creative element in cooking, and the packaging is supposed to evoke

These Products Are Proof of 2021’s Weird and Wacky Packaging Trends

SuperMush, a line of functional mushroom sprays, is a private label offering from Multiverse, a “curated online marketplace for the highest quality indie products that are made with natural fungi to help you approach true

Top 5 Proven Ways to Measure Brand Equity

What will I learn? show Financial indicators are the number of sales of your goods and services.  Brand Relevance is the perception of a brand’s ability to design and offer products and services that are

How to Start a Website Successfully From Scratch

What will I learn? show That’s why you should be taking a dedicated look around for a great laptop that allows you to write quickly, get connected to the internet in a fast fashion, and