Month: November 2021

James Brocklehurst, leader of the graphic design course at Plymouth, talks us through the university’s new experimental font

Brocklehurst explains to us that the letterpress workshop at the university is a special one, which has one of the most “extensive collections of moveable type, composing desks and presses in a UK university. Unfortunately,

Monotype’s Tom Foley on an “emotional topic”: Helvetica

There’s not much that keeps the Nicer Tuesdays audience on the edge of their seats like a talk about design metrics such as UPM sizes (we’re not joking). So when Monotype’s creative director Tom Foley

Go behind the scenes with Johnny Kelly as he creates more of his distinct characters for Chipotle’s farming future film

Although Kelly designed the last film himself, this time around he was able “to avail of the amazing art directional skills” of Melanie Climent at Nexus. “She created mood frames for every scene, taking my


Seven ages of a creative: Christoph Niemann

“There was a moment of doubt when I was maybe 12 or 13, where I thought it might be too crazy, and so I briefly considered architecture,” says illustrator, designer and artist Christoph Niemann. “But

Step into Radiohead’s eerie interactive universe

Steered by the creative direction of Sean Evans, aesthetics and materials are freely collaged and spliced together throughout the experience. Paintings and sketches sit alongside the kind of CG environments and detailing seen in games,

Navy Blue

If you are having trouble deciding on that secondary color, have a close friend or family member take a look and give you their input. Everyone sees color a little differently so some of the

Chipotle and Johnny Kelly reunite on sustainable campaign

Creative Process A decade on from the awards and real-world success of Back to the Start, Chipotle returns with another emotive stop motion spot by director Johnny Kelly We recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

House of Vans celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new book charting art, music and photography

“House of Vans, in all of its forms manifested over the past decade,” says Doug Palladini, Vans global brand president, in the foreword of the book, “is magical; one of those unicorns, often imitated but

Giorgia Lupi tells her life story using hand-stitched data

A colour code, shown at the start of the book, offers a guide to the significant moments the designer chose to mark. Yellow stands for a life achievement, red for love, pink for world events