Month: November 2021

Abstract Compositions — Graphic Design Inspiration

Metric72 / is an art director based in Barcelona, Spain with an incredible portfolio mixing graphic design, motion design and typography. I am a fan of the style, especially the usage of gradients and colors

Circulus a form of infinity — Graphic Design

Filip Dueskau shared a graphic design project for Circulus, an art exhibition about the search for round forms in still life and broadly understood art. The exhibition concept is focused on the redefinition of the


Ollie Macdonald Oulds’ art reflects the hum of everyday life

“Making friends on those courses has benefitted my understanding of where illustration can fit in,” he says, and so far this philosophy of cross-pollination has rung true. His work has been used as a charming

ANTZ xNFT brings a new way of making NFTs

The team also promises to innovate with a new way of thinking the NFTs marketplace that will help users spend less on fees and have a more effortless transaction of their assets. The project is

“It’s what’s in between that counts”: Ibrahim Azab on his layered and deconstructed artworks

In this regard, Ibrahim aims to question why we’re attracted to certain things, and why these things are important. Materiality plays a key role. “Through digital and physical interventions of the photograph, I want to

Photography project Eye Mama captures motherhood during the pandemic

Scrolling through social media, Arieli saw other photographers doing the same and she wanted to create a way to collate these images together. Having launched in April 2020, Eye Mama has since had 14,000 submissions

Interview with Designer Diego Tramontin

I remember that I was 15 when I called a friend to tell him I thought the things he was doing were amazing and that I wanted to learn to code. At the time I


Bimini Bon-Boulash fronts one of three digitally rendered covers for Gay Times magazine’s latest issue

Lead CGI artists Ryan Vautier and Sarah Blomey claim they “were really involved throughout the project. Sweeney and the Gay Times team invited us to set for all three shoots,” the two tell us, “meaning

How does artificial intelligence learn? — Design and Animation

For more information make sure to check out Champ on: Champ Panupong Techawongthawon partnered with TED Ed in creating this video. For this project, Champ mentioned he had a lot of fun art directing, designing