Month: November 2021


An exclusive look at Jonas Lindstroem’s series of street-life vignettes for Reebok

Osifeso notes that “there are very few universally understood experiences that we all share as people. One of those experiences would be the innocence and curiosity of being a child.” So the creative team leaned


Director duo Luke & Joseph scrutinise the “hero” narrative surrounding our key workers for mental health charity Mind

It was also important for the film to portray a “sense of isolation and the juxtaposition of the everyday and the extraordinary,” Seomore tells us. “You may be sitting in a front room in South

How Jana Traboulsi’s diasporic perspective and a rekindling with land have fuelled her Jameel Prize-winning work

Interestingly, an important part of what inspired Jana’s current style started as a handicap: “that of having difficulties talking in my own language.” As a Lebanese person who grew up in France during the civil

Orange Color Code

Orange, the color of fall leaves, sunsets, caution signs, pumpkins, and more. It is an intense mixture of red and yellow. There are hundreds of named shades of orange that are used regularly by society.

Domenic Lippa’s refreshing identity for Canadian brewery 2Dads

“There is such an amazing selection of craft beer these days, which means it can be confusing choosing something from your local liquor store, especially if you’re not a beer nerd. We wanted a design

Matt Willey gives the Paris Review a minimalist makeover

“The design was inspired by the minimalism of older issues of the Review – among them no. 56, published in 1973, which I have been carrying around for the past few months,” explains editor Emily

Exposure: Agnieszka Sosnowska

Creative Inspiration “I know it sounds crazy,” says Sosnowska, “but in moving here, I really grew up. I’ve just turned 50 and I’ve been using this view camera since I was 18. I feel like

First judges for the CR Annual 2022 awards announced!

THE ANNUAL: KEY DATESEntry deadline: December 10, 2021Judging week: w/c January 26, 2022The Annual is published: May, 2022Event: Date and venue to be confirmed Now in its 19th year, the Creative Review Annual celebrates the

Fight from the inside-out or boycott brands? How graphic designers shape a more sustainable and ethical food system

It’s interesting to consider how we might be making much quicker progress on the major problems of today’s world if they were treated as design problems, rather than, say, economic problems. For instance, when creating