Month: November 2021

Cardone, a Scotch Roman-Inspired Typeface with a Modern Twist

Courtesy 205TF. Back Story: Cardone got its start in 2016 as a student project at the EsadType postgraduate course in Amiens, France. Lázaro’s goal was to create an optimized type family for editorial use, striking

The digital characters of Sasha Katz are all about tenderness and delicacy

Years ago, the extent of online 3D avatars began and ended with the popular social website IMVU. They were glamorous, yet slightly unusual, renderings of ourselves. Slightly recognisable, but still out of reach. To look

Graphic Design & Grid Study for Design Systems

Figma Grid Graphs Sophie Gogishvili shared a super inspiring graphic design project that explores a grid system. As Sophie describes, the project is better fitted to find a solution to the design problems which is

Illustrator Sofie Birkin’s new Erotic Tarot deck is a sensual esoteric trip

Since being on our Ones to Watch in 2020, Denver-based British illustrator Sofie Birkin has become a treasured favourite of ours. With the release of her beautiful new Erotic Tarot deck, there’s been a clear

Mob’s rebrand puts the character back in food

“As a company that has so many different elements – series, talent, content – we needed to create something that was flexible and could evolve over time, whilst showcasing Mob’s unique personality, flaws, and all.”

Processing: the Software that Shaped Creative Coding, Part II

A selection of images from p5.js contributors. Qianqian Ye: We have seen people using p5 in K-12 education, and there are more people creating work to make p5 accessible for elders. In 2020, two of