Kunsthalle Prague — Branding 

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Studio Najbrt created the branding, visual identity and typeface of Kunsthalle Praha, this new art institution at Klárov, and the Kunst font became the basis and an integral part of the future visual style of the orientation system and exhibitions. This font, designed by Mark Pistora, is based on a sketch by German typographer Jan Tschichold from 1930, the same time when the building of the former Zenger Transformer Substation was built.


  • Client: Kunsthalle Praha
  • Art director: Zuzana Lednická, Aleš Najbrt
  • Designer: Andrea Vacovská, Marek Pistora, Zdeněk Trinkewitz, Jakub Spurný, Jonatan Kuna, Michael Dolejš
  • Cooperation: Vojtěch Veškrna (photo documentation)
  • Font: Custom, Suisse Intl
  • Type: Gallery, Poster, Web, Exhibition, Book, Exterior, Interior

The idea for the typographic designation on the corner of the Kunsthalle Praha building arose during the development of the logotype and visual style. This unusual solution is not only well visible from different angles, but has become a natural part of the specific morphology of the building. The application on the facade required a lot of modifications and testing, paper models, visualizations, including the necessary stress of the Kunst font central strokes. The resulting metal inscription is definitely our biggest realization of typography in public space!

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