The platform helps brands and consumers better understand the impact of the products they make and use. CR speaks to co-founder Johan Pihl about the ways in which fusing innovation and creativity has allowed it to flourish
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Do Card. All images and videos: Courtesy of Doconomy

In addressing the climate crisis, Johan Pihl, co-founder, executive creative director and chief innovation officer at Doconomy, believes that the same approaches that created the problems we face today can be used to solve them. “Investments as a catalyst of innovation are directly responsible because they historically focused on optimising our capacity to improve our standard of living,” he says. “The side effect of that historical ambition is now our biggest challenge and is defined as the climate crisis. But we can re-engineer this situation altogether by using the same method of financially fuelled innovation. The financial power that got us into this situation is also what is going to get us out of it.”