Iggy Ldn on the process of making a film that speaks on the London creative scene

At October’s Nicer Tuesdays we were in for a treat, kicking off the evening’s events with the one and only Iggy Ldn. Bringing us a smattering of poetry, film and art direction all rolled into one charismatic talk, we spent 15 minutes or so with the London-based director as he told us about his latest film for Harrods. Updating the image of the luxury fashion house for today, Iggy talked us through his vision for the campaign which features poetry by Kai Isaiah Jamal as well as some other familiar faces that he’s long looked up to.
Before he delved into the behind-the-scenes magic that went into directing Harrods, Set Your Stage, Iggy shared his career journey to date which started with a rather unexpected path. The filmmaker originally trained to be a lawyer before making the leap into the visual arts. In his talk, he told us how the move came into action, spurred by his poem Black Boys Don’t Cry and a suggestion from a member of a poetry reading audience that the poem would make a beautiful film. The trajectory-altering suggestion led Iggy to create a series of successful films including the emotive Fatherhood and the award-winning Velvet –two films which Iggy additionally touched on during his Nicer Tuesdays talks. Watch the clip above to get the full experience on Iggy’s inspirational offerings.

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