Mother Design drives Cadillac’s brand forward with a new visual identity

An old classic, tied to America’s swingin’ sixties, Cadillac is on a mission to modernise and move with the times. It recently announced a new range of electric cars heralded as what we hope will be a fossil fuel redundancy. The New York-based agency Mother Design was brought on board to help Cadillac achieve this vision.
The new logo was rolled out in late 2020 alongside its newest electric car. The monochromatic logo is sleeker, steely and futuristic. But the gradual rollout of the full, new visual identity from Mother Design is still taking place and will include photography, a new colour palette, and new typography. The new typeface – one which used to be a classy, hand rendered-style serif – has, for example, now evolved into the “Cadillac Gothic,” a bold sans serif typeface, again a nod to the company’s future-driven rebrand.
In the age of minimalism, Cadillac is only one of many brands to pursue a cleaner, simplistic visual identity. Volkswagen, Nissan and BMW have all opted for sleeker designs to fit the growing neatness of what we might envision our tech-driven futures to be. Mother Design’s new visual identity will be seen in all advertisements, owned social and digital channels, and on all vehicles.

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