The digital characters of Sasha Katz are all about tenderness and delicacy

Years ago, the extent of online 3D avatars began and ended with the popular social website IMVU. They were glamorous, yet slightly unusual, renderings of ourselves. Slightly recognisable, but still out of reach. To look at Sasha Katz’s incredibly remarkable work recalls those same feelings: familiar, but strange. Her 3D renderings look just like us, they vibrate with a human-like texture, and yet nothing seems quite ordinary.
For inspiration, Sasha looks at the women around her. “I adore the variety of shapes, proportions and skin textures,” she says. “I’m inspired by real women and unconventional beauty.” Often, she also constructs her 3D characters to be like herself, “wearing red lipstick, having stretch marks, and breasts which are affected by the gravity of the earth.” It harks back to the feeling of an avatar, one that deviates from realism but still maintains qualities that reflect reality. “I love to keep the distance between reality and stylisation,” Sasha explains. “It’s very important for me that currently the standards of beauty are totally deconstructed and I’m happy to take part in this process and create my own standards of beauty.”
Born in Moscow and now based in Athens, Sasha began her artistic career in illustration – facets of which we can still see in her digital art today. “In my work, I entirely turn to the subject of female characters, their brazen tenderness and physical fragility,” Sasha tells It’s Nice That. It’s these qualities that lend themselves so well to Sasha’s craft. Every female character of hers looks slightly aloof, like a 3D object that can’t be touched.

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