Month: October 2021

Photographer Ryan Hopkinson uses in-camera tricks to create surreal imagery

From a young age, Ryan Hopkinson was fascinated by documentary and war photography, but he knew very quickly that he could never do it himself. Following various jobs assisting other photographers in London, and after

Striking poster campaign introduces Coca-Cola Real Magic tagline

It is part of a wider launch by Coca-Cola of a new tagline, Real Magic, the first change for the brand in five years since the arrival of its Taste the Feeling tag in 2016.

“You can’t take yourself too seriously – it’ll lead to misery”: The whimsy and wonder of Martyna Makes

Deliberately avoiding a pinpoint definition of her practice, Martyna tells us how she tries her best to not be restrictive in the development of any style or concept. “This is something that took a lot

Toiletpaper is back with another sexily surreal calendar

Creative Inspiration Long nails pressed seductively into egg yolks and a suited man drenched in spaghetti make for classic Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari fare This latest edition is no different, although for 2022 Toiletpaper

The Bratz aesethetic gets an uncanny makeover thanks to Denize Orlovska AKA Flamerz

Across her body of work, Denize’s use of colour is always distinct. “Colour in itself is a powerful form of communication,” she explains. “In the past few years I have undoubtedly noticed that it plays

The exhibition celebrating the East and South East Asian migrants who contributed to the NHS

Vintage pictures are featured alongside new images, videos, articles, and spoken and written interviews in the immersive and interactive exhibition, encouraging visitors to learn about the experiences, the history and the reality of what it

“It’s time for something else”: Grilli Type releases GT Ua, which dances between serif and sans

In the fine version, explains the designer, these terminals “get more pointy and accentuated but they don’t turn into complex shapes like ball terminals that might be perceived as ornamental.” The more decorative elements of

From “friendship campaign” to a symbol of counter-culture: An ode to the Smiley, on World Smile Day

DR.ME “Hopefully, it raises a smile, it has a little bit of the honey monster to it I think, always a delicious Sunday morning treat with cartoons from when we were kids. We’re going to

Spintank has designed a slick bike motif for Lyon’s new cycling routes

Opened in September this year, the new 250km network – which will comprise 12 routes by 2026 – promises Lyon residents a safer set of cycle lanes, and is named, says Spintank president Nicolas Vanbremeersch,