Month: October 2021

Again Spring Poster Design

HWAL shared this poster design 5 years ago. Yes, you heard it right, it was back in 2015 but it looks as fresh as if it was done yesterday. It goes back to the principle

The Annual 2022 is open for entries!

In the Annual 2022 we will continue to recognise advertising craft and creative effectiveness, two new categories that were introduced last year. In creative effectiveness, we encourage brands, agencies, studios and individuals to enter case

Dave Eggers’ new novel hosts an experiment into the possibilities of the book cover

“I don’t like bullies,” Eggers told The New York Times. “Amazon has been kicking sand in the face of independent bookstores for decades now.” The Every is available in paperback in book shops and online,

Edel Rodriguez on creating his signature simple yet striking magazine covers for all people, not the select few

Find out more about Edel Rodriguez and his journey from student painter to activism-driven illustrator, and how he continues to craft with purpose, by watching his Nicer Tuesdays Online September talk. For this September’s Nicer

Remembering David Kennedy

You see, this merry-go-round business of ours persists, we must look forwards at all times. Yet here was this gem of a character, that thrived in looking totally in the opposite direction, a legend that

Devils embark on a journey of self-discovery in Moon Panda’s music video “I have known both sides of the coin. I have been a Red Devil who even though was hurt by a loved one would forgive them and accept them back. I have also been creates a “silly little film” with Belong Communications to make Channel 4’s new hybrid work environment less daunting, alongside Belong Comms, was tasked by the broadcaster with the brief of making this as welcoming as possible. This was following Channel 4’s 50/50 manifesto, which makes it possible for staff to choose whether

How Wes Anderson’s Creative Team Designed the The French Dispatch Magazine for His Latest Film

Cover design by Erica Dorn and Javi Aznarez. Image arrangement by Laura Thompson. “Because no one ever opens the magazine in any of the shots, the only physical pieces that exist of the fictional magazine

Best Handwriting Fonts

Overall, determining the best handwritten fonts depends on your personal preference. A great way to narrow down a font to use is to gather all the fonts that you are interested in and type out