The new world of work: We survey the opinions of 185 job hunters and present the latest exciting opportunities

Searching for a new job can be a challenging and stressful process. Although there are constantly new roles for new applicants, the practicalities of appraising an advert, navigating diverse application processes, and waiting for responses and feedback, can be arduous and discouraging.
We wanted to better understand what type of adverts are going to catch an applicant’s eye and what makes someone take the time to apply. Ultimately, we wanted to provide insight into how employers can make the job application process a more positive and transparent process. We’ve put together our key findings from the survey and a list of tangible suggestions that companies may wish to incorporate for future recruiting.
1. Money MattersThis week, we want to share with you our latest insight report, exploring what’s important to job hunters when looking for a new role and during the application process. The report, conducted by Kohlrabi Consulting in September 2021 and published in full here, reveals the findings from a survey of 185 job hunters.Here’s our three key learnings from the report:

  • A third of individuals ranked salary as the most important factor when searching for a job with another third ranking it as the second-most important factor.
  • Individuals were much more likely (>95%) to apply for jobs that transparently advertised the salary, rather than job postings that described the salary as competitive (69%), market range (59%) or had no description (50%).
  • Lack of salary disclosure was the most common frustration when applying for jobs.

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