Month: September 2021

SomeOne rebrands London’s Olympia, as the area is redeveloped into ambitious new creative hub

Law continues that he wants visitors to have “the same sense of excitement and anticipation as a child at a funfair” when experiencing the branding at Olympia. He explains that, since the space has always

Insurance firm Next employs a cast of friendly characters in new branding

Creative Inspiration With kooky character design reminiscent of old cartoons, the illustration style is intended to draw a link between the Covid-19 pandemic and periods of adversity in the past, such as the 1920s depression

Michael Craig-Martin’s first Netherlands solo show invites viewers to appreciate beauty in mundanity

The painter wanted to “take this opportunity to give an overview of the range of my paintings for those unfamiliar with my work or who only know it through reproduction,” he says. He therefore sought

Why NFTs are the future of creative expression

Renowned photographer Misan Harriman sees NFTs as a breaking point for inclusion in the arts space. “You know how many Picassos, how many Gordon Parks are walking amongst us, whose voices were never given the

Brand Direction for Dandy Restaurant in London

Kelsen Findlayhas shared a beautiful brand direction project for Dandy, a restaurant based in London, UK. Personally, the blue base really caught my eye and also its overall simplicity. If you notice it, the blue

Schackbräde – famous chess movements in posters

​Taking as a basis the algebraic notation of chess movements and the main data of each game, such as the year, the place, the players or the type of opening, we have created a series

Enter the mesmerising and magical world of animation graduate Rebeka Mór’s digital 3D art

The freedom that came with working in the digital 3D world was really inspiring for my experimentation process. My learning experience has been mostly instinctive, resulting in a playful approach to these highly technical softwares.

An ode to America’s 20th century movie palaces

The photographs of the interiors reveal the grand scale of these cinemas but also highlight the crumbling beauty of what was once there, with dusty broken seats, crumbling paint and plaster, and bygone equipment a

Muse + Mettā Kombucha Brand Identity by Kati Forner

We believe food can feed us both physically and creatively. Brewed with fruits, flowers and herbs from around the world coupled with a passion for modern design and wellness to create a truly sensory experience It’s no